Lanesse Collins

Lanesse Collins

Yoga Teacher
Cape Town, RSA

I am a Capetonian, born and bred.

A Pre-School teacher, yoga and exercise teacher for all ages, I have an intuitive healing and coaching practice called “Perspective’s for Joyful Living” which incorporates all of the above.

Being involved in the Ahim’SA organisation helps me to share the joy of yoga with people who may never have had the opportunity before. With my belief that the body tells the soul’s story, I can guide participants into healing themselves by holding a safe space within the class and as they build trust and feel more inner peace to whatever situation presents in their lives.

I’ve been told that I am calm, caring and am able to listen deeply.  Yoga has given me confidence in my own abilities,  peace in my practice and acceptance that each day my body and world will respond differently. Yoga is able to heal physically and emotionally with no need for man made medication.

I am very grateful to be able to share in this life changing project.