Branislav Korkodelovic

Branislav Korkodelovic

Geneva CH

I am a Medical Doctor and a Anesthesiologist since more then 20 years. I work in a private clinique in Lausanne, Switzerland. My main interest is in cardiac anesthesia but I also take care of other surgical patients.

Personally and professionally I have been lucky enough to spend my life in a quiet and peaceful country where consensus and compromise are the foundations of the swiss lifestyle, allowing all citizens to live together. This has become a model in the world and I want to share some of the spirit that unites us. Now it is time for me, through Ahim’SA, to give back a little bit of what I have ( time, knowledge and more) and I do it with humility as much as I learn from experience.

My priorities in Ahim’SA are to change the “action/reaction” way of thinking and open people to a new life of compassion, together living in a community spirit and peace.

Spending my life in Switzerland has taught me that we can defend the same causes even if we are different and not always think in the same way. But as long as we look in the same direction, we can live together.

I enjoy my family time and love to travel and discover new horizons.

Let’s make it happen all together.