Get Involved

Get Involved

If you want to join us to contribute financially, with your know-how, your will or your talents, or are an institution or organisation that would like to be associated with us, we’d love to hear from you.


Donate now to enable the Trust to pay necessary overheads, create facilities and improve lives.



Volunteer your time and expertise to change the lives of those living in violent communities, by teaching yoga classes.



Be associated with Ahim’SA and assist with products or service.


Refer someone who you think would benefit from attending yoga classes.

Principles of Ahim’SA…

Following the principles of Yoga, a teacher must practice Karma Yoga, which represents selfless action for the benefit of others. Thus each practitioner or Yoga Teacher must work for the community and without benefiting from it personally.
In addition, every teacher or practitioner of yoga must respect the fundamental principles called Yamas and Nyamas whose first commandment concerns Ahim’SA which means “Non-Violence” in Sanskrit and more generally, respect for life.