Future implementation of township children’s yoga classes

Spread the message of peace and be the example for younger generations.

Children are the future – we know it! New values, new interests and new trends. It all starts here.

Our aim is to bring and offer alternatives to children. An activity for after school, during holidays or for those who may have dropped out of the education system.

Yoga brings values like non-stealing, honesty, sharing, respect, tolerance, friendship and compassion, love and empathy. Through the practise of yoga, all of those values can be transferred into the community.

Naturally, we believe that non-violence (the meaning of the sanskrit word “Ahimsa”) is our first angle of action. Through the code of discipline in the Ahim’SA House, we will spread the message of peace and be the example for younger generations to teach their peers and parents what they have learnt through yoga.

During the school holidays the children will also be involved in projects to protect the environment and nature around them.