Future implementation of Boxing Yoga classes for township teenagers

Boxing is providing a first step to discovering yoga.

Boxing Yoga is a very modern practice, matching people’s needs and bringing the best of boxing into the great dimension of yoga. It is for everybody. All with a smile on their faces, men and women with good intentions, not looking to hurt or be violent, not looking for a way to defend or attack, but with a greater intention to be united in body and mind. Like the fists of the boxer, always close to one another.

In townships around Cape Town Boxing Yoga is taught to teenagers surrounded by drugs and violence. The link between the art of boxing and the power of yoga brings a breeze of transcendence, elevating them much further than most traditional attempts to help them to change their lives. Boxing Yoga shows that behind the so-called boxing spirit is something much bigger, much greater and more powerful. Boxing is providing a first step to discovering yoga.

All new trends of yoga exist to make people understand how powerful yoga is for each and everyone of us, but also, yoga needs to grow and adapt to people’s changing lifestyles. Boxing Yoga can play a key role in areas where society is violent, it can create a gateway to more control, to a respectful, healthy and non-violent lifestyle.

It will bring yoga to some of the most violent areas of our world to transform and empower each person. Isn’t that what yoga does?