Frequently Asked Questions

Find out a little more about Ahim’SA by clicking on and reading some of the answers to some more commonly asked questions about us below.
The non-profit Trust Committee established in South Africa is made up of founding members of Swiss Yogathon, non profit association from Switzerland, and active members in South Africa. The trust has been set up on a legal basis by Master Ricardo Wingaard – Lawyer in Pretoria expert in NGO and non–for-profit organizations.
The Swiss Yogathon association has largely contributed to the financing of the fundamentals essential to the seed of Ahim’SA. Beyond the personal investment of all the people and organizations that are actively involved in Ahim’SA, we invite private individuals, institutional or associative partners to also support initiatives led by local relays.

In order to prepare together the necessary changes, Ahim’SA seeks in 4 points to:


  • To be a helping guide
  • To reinforce
  • To create
  • To empower

If you want to join us to contribute financially, with your know-how, your will or your talents, or are an institution or organisation that would like to be associated with us, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to find out more.

You can volunteer by sending us an email at, contact us through our Facebook page or we can set up a Skype call.

All our volunteers work for the organisation on an unpaid contract basis and for a maximum of 3 months. If necessary, we can provide accommodation for up to two volunteers (voluntourists). Volunteers may be Yoga Teachers taking classes or volunteers assisting the organisation in other ways, with events and collaborations.

You can donate online through our website, by bank transfer or at our office in Hout Bay, email for further details.

The Trust Committee selects projects and funds them directly without any middle man. The money goes directly to the Trust’s bank account and is controlled by our Treasurer, monitored annually by a chartered accountant registered in South Africa, M Brendon Cloete. An independent Auditor then verifies that all procedures are followed and respected to provide transparency in the use of the funds.
The money will be used to:


  • Build the Ahim’SA house, the facility needed to provide the activities and safe haven,
  • Finance the operational aspects of such a house (food, water, security and utilities)
  • Pay the people working for the organisation (yoga teachers, social worker, house keeper, for example).

The Committee includes Trustees who are not employed by the Trust, but rather volunteering their time and expertise. A Project Coordinator is acting as a central point of information for all parties and a Digital Marketing specialist maintains our communication and presence on the web for donations and events. We always aim to minimise our overheads and permanent expenses so we finance people for the day to day operations : welcome desk, cleaning, security, management.  We strictly control any expenses which are not necessary or which cannot be replaced by creativity and generosity of people in the community. Volunteering is therefore essential for the Trust and it is how our community should work. We need to make it work to show the world how living and working together is made possible when we want it.

Contact us and we will happily explain the work that we do and you can offer your time, expertise and help.  Let’s see what good energies bring together

It will be such a pleasure, come and join one of our activities. We have a schedule advising of the classes, but apart from this, contact us and we will arrange to meet you. It is also a place to practice yoga, on a daily basis, classes are free for everyone (on a donations basis) so you are always welcome to visit.